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The Transformation Team

Digital is a state of mind that changes the way we think, work and act.

Welcome to the Transformation Team

We're the Transformation Team (not all of us are in the picture) but we thought we'd share a snap from our socially distanced meet up in May 2021. We’ve all been working at home since March 17 2020 and at least 15 of us have joined since lockdown. So it was great to meet up in person in the grounds of Gilwell Park (where our headquarters is based).

There are 26 people in our team at the moment (check out the team structure). We’re headed up by our Chief Digital Officer, Lara Burns (see videos below). Our team is growing and we’re excited that you’d like to discover more about the team and what we do here at the Scouts. 

We have an amazing mission to transform the Scouts with digital technology and make a difference to the half a million young people we support.

Our team is recruiting, check out the exciting opportunities below

Making Scouts digital first

Our digital strategy supports our members, grows the movement and puts our people at the heart of what do.

Our Digital Vision

We support the delivery of our 2018-2023 Skills for Life strategy by helping Scouts become a digital first organisation, embedding our digital principles and transforming the Scouts’ experience with digital tools and services for our volunteers, staff and young people which are:

  • easy
  • enlightening
  • enjoyable
  • enabling
  • engaging
  • efficient

Our digital principles

Our Digital Blogs

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest in digital, our team discuss some current topics in our latest blogs. Check them out below.

Delivering Scouts digitally

How the Scouts went through ‘digital transformation by pandemic’. 

Read about how we've adapted

Making Digital Accessibility a Priority

It’s important to be up-to-date, but by focusing too much on getting something to work it’s easy to miss who it works for, and often accessibility gets left behind. Our Associate Product Manager, James, explores more.

Read about our priority

The Digital Transformation of our website

At the end of 2019 we conducted development research into the infrastructure of all content held within members as a plan to improve usability for everyone and transfer content over to our new website. Our Content Manager, Charlotte, talks us through the transformation. 

Learn more about the transformation

How to shift from digital to physical events

You may be one of many in the charity sector who’ve had to re-think their events calendar in 2020. Content Manager, Charlotte, describes how organisations can shift to a digital based events.

Read the top tips

Scouts have spent 235 million minutes on Zoom since June

95% of local groups had signed up to use Zoom through the central body. Discover more about the millions of minutes Scouts have spent on Zoom.

Learn more about our partnership with Zoom

Building on our digital skills

As part of the Skills for Life strategy, we’re looking at digital skills. Our Digital Volunteer, Adam, explains more.

Discover the steps we're taking

OSM and Scouts

Volunteer Sponsor of the Digital Transformation Programme, Andrew, explains how closer links with OSM will help us to keep members safe, grow the movement, and reduce admin for our volunteers.

See why it's good to share

UK Scout Network website

In 2015 Scouts launched a web platform to support Network Scouts (18 – 25 year old youth members). In recent months we have been through a consultative process as part of our Digital Transformation strategy which is set out to improve and simplify our digital offering for our users.

Read about the proposal