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Build empathy

Create change by sharing stories

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We want to champion empathy by helping young people to step into others’ shoes, see their side, and understand how they feel.

That’s why we've been working with EmpathyLab to create activities to support the Beavers Book Reader, Cubs Book Reader, Scouts Writer and Scouts Librarian Activity Badges.

Empathy’s a bit like a human super-power that helps us understand each other better. The good news is that we’re not born with a fixed amount of it: it’s a skill we can learn. EmpathyLab knows that stories are a powerful tool to develop empathy because when we identify with book characters, we learn to see things from other points of view.

Discovering stories that explore different ways of life and challenges people face is easy thanks to EmpathyLab's 2020 'Read for Empathy' book collections. It’s full to the brim with diverse books for primary (Beavers and Cubs) and secondary (Scouts and Explorers) ages, all carefully selected by an expert panel to improve young people's ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Check it out below.

Explore some empathy building activities

Take a leaf from someone else's book

Share your thoughts and feelings about some of the stories you have read by crafting twig trees.

30 mins

Little libraries

Learn how to look after books and share your favourite stories by creating a little library for your community.

30 mins

Time upon a once

Turn the titles of six books you have recently read or used into a short story, by jumbling up words or letters.

10 mins
At home